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What others have to say about Brad

I had been in a relationship for almost 20 years when my wife and I separated. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I felt like I had lost everything. The constant banter and dialogue going on in my mind. Replaying events and things I might say. I tried seeing a psychologist, but this was getting me nowhere. A friend told me about Brad and how he works with guys in my situation. So I made the arrangements and met Brad. From our very first session I got results! I started feeling good and this grew stronger and stronger with each session. Brad uses techniques that help to rewire the brain and see life for what it really is and not the sad story we create. It’s Amazing how this works. My self-esteem and self-worth is so strong now and I am free to do whatever I want. It wasn’t always easy, as there were times between our scheduled sessions that I needed to talk to someone. I would call Brad who was there for me and this was over and above our sessions. His commitment to help me was outstanding. I was so impressed with the Support and commitment I got from Brad and also with the amount of personal growth that I experienced, that I employed him as my Life/Business Coach for another 12 months. Moving on from my marriage, I am now creating the life I have always dreamt of. I am having so much fun along the way as Brad helps me to see the vast amounts of opportunity that surrounds me. He works with me on my limiting beliefs, smashing through them and going after that which is helping me to have a fulfilling life. If your life is not what you want it to be and you are open and willing to reach out for help, you will love what you get from Brad.

David Kinnane.

Yep. Brad Alder. You’re the man. The Ex left me. Oh S#%t. What just happened. I didn’t know where to turn but I knew I needed help. Brad showed me how to accept what had happened and look at myself with a clean slate. He made me realize what had happened was positive and an opportunity to rediscover myself as an individual. I have rediscovered my passions and what makes me tick. I’m now in a relationship with someone who truly loves me for who I am. My relationship with my children is amazing and I can be the father I’ve always wanted to be. I was once lost but now I know who I truly am. I’ve unlocked my true potential and the future is looking great. There will be hurdles along the way but I now have the tools to tackle any obstacle in life. If you are confronted with this experience in life reach out for help. Holding on to a negative past will only impact on your future and the ones who love you the most. It’s not good for you or the people around you. Be a man. Get help. Thank you Brad for everything.

Chris Morrison.

I have recently been blessed by meeting Brad, who has been the catalyst to some rather significant changes in my life. I am writing this testimonial for him to show my gratitude and remove any hesitation you may have. In short, without hesitation, I can say if you are not who or where you want to be, you need Brad. I have been sitting on this task for a while, with several attempts to encapsulate what Brad has done for me and why I would recommend him to a fellow Man in need.  I have been through the roughest patch of my life and every coaching session with Brad gave me another foot hold to climb out of the slippery damp hole I was in. Brads ability to see into me and understand my hurt and needs, was uncanny. At the same time, he provided encouragement and tools to find the clarity and drive I had lost. Brad had the right balance between supportive and ‘toughen up, time to move on’ approach. There were several things holding me back and most of them were me re-running the same unproductive videos in my mind. He was right, it was time to erase the negative videos and create the best vision possible. Then we worked together to make that vision a reality. As Men, we don’t always find it easy to talk, open up and express what is actually going on. So if you are not where you want to be in life, whether it’s financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, being coached by Brad is one of the best investments you could make. 

Daniel Lyttle.